Unboxing: Owlcrate Power of Illusions Box (December 2018)

Owlcrate is by far my favorite book box. As an added bit of fun, I won this box from the November photo challenge.

I love how many awesome items they manage to send each month! Let’s take a closer look at the items.

The planner from December 2017 was a bit hit so Owlcrate teamed up with Blue Star Press to make another one.

Front of the planner
Monthly view.

I love that it’s blank so you have to fill it in. That way if you forget about it/ don’t use the planner for a while, you can still use it a month (or a year) from now.

Each month also has a Monthly TBR page and a New Releases page.

Each month also has several pages of mini book reviews.

Finally, there are also pages of weekly planner pages with To-Do Lists, Reading Lists, and Notes.

Juniper & Ivy Designs designed an ornament for The Crown’s Game. [How is that book? I haven’t read it yet.]

Ink and Wonder Designs created a beautiful round magnet inspired by The Night Circus.

Flick the Wick made an exclusive candle for Levana from The Lunar Chronicles. It’s a beautiful pale purple and smells heavenly. The blackberries are quite lovely.

Stella Bookish Art created a fantastic tote bag inspired by Legend from Caraval and Legendary! This bag is huge! Perfect hauling lots of books.

Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene is the book of the month.

The purple on the cover is an Owlcrate exclusive. I love the naked book. I’m not sure if it’s an exclusive but it’s quite lovely.

Order your own Owlcrate here. January’s theme is Magical Artifacts.


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